Why join The Vegetarian Society of Ireland?
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Would you like to:

  • Avail of discounts in participating restaurants and shops?
  • Meet with other vegetarians and vegans?
  • Get some very tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes?
  • Hear about events for vegetarian and vegan people in your area?
  • Have some fun?

We run a discount scheme for our members in association with a number of shops, restaurants, accommodation and other service providers. Discount scheme members include Cornucopia, Govinda’s (Aungier St), Umi Falafel, The Happy Pear and the Quay Co-op (Cork City shop); all details may be found on our website here.

We run a social Meetup group. This is a group of people who meet up a few times a month, and enjoy an activity together, usually a nice meal in restaurant. While most Meetups are held in Dublin, we also have events in other locations around the country and members get to enjoy a tasty meal and some good fun too. The group has even successfully got some people together with the loves of their lives. If you would like to learn more, events are organised online here.

We also produce an e-newsletter which we email to our members and supporters.

We have a small, hard-working group of committee members and core volunteers and receive assistance from addition volunteers for various projects to promote vegetarianism in Ireland.

We are always very happy to welcome new members so join today!

Membership Details

Under 18s are entitled to a reduced subscription of €10. The standard annual subscription is €20. Life membership is €300, to become a member of the society for the rest of your healthy vegetarian life!

You may join as a full or associate member. These are defined as follows:

Full Member: I am in sympathy with the aims of the Society and declare that while I am a member I will not knowingly consume the flesh of animals (meat, fish, fowl) as food, and I will aim to avoid the use and consumption of battery hen eggs and slaughter-house by-products.

Associate Member: While I cannot yet practice vegetarianism at all times, I am in sympathy with the aims of the Society and would like to support its work.

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To become a member, or to renew your subscription, download the Membership Form and send it with your subscription to the address printed on the form.

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