12:15pm Bernie Brannick and Eoghan Parle (WeShare)

Topic: Sharing the Future

Please come along and join us to tell your sharing story. We will also do an improvised gift circle. There will be many interesting exhibits and talks throughout the day. We are delighted and thankful to be invited to take part in these positive and exciting events and to promote WeShare. Looking forward to seeing you there! Until then, take care and be well, Bernie, Eoghan and Team

12:45pm Maureen O’Sullivan (VSI Chairperson / NUI Galway)

Topic: Vegetarianism in Ireland: History, Ethical Considerations and Charitable Work

This talk will briefly talk about the history of vegetarianism in Ireland and the audience are invited to share any knowledge they have on the topic with us. It will also raise some ethical questions that are current and it will discuss the role that vegetarian societies occupy where veganism has increased significantly in the past five years, or so. It will introduce the audience to some of the work that the Vegetarian Society of Ireland does, dealing with practicalities of being a national charity made up entirely of volunteers.

1:30pm Laura Broxson (National Animal Rights Association)

Topic: Campaigning against Bloodsports in Ireland

There are over 300 hunt clubs in this country, yet there are no hunt saboteur groups. The Ward Union Stag Hunt was banned in 2010, but every year they continue to openly terrorize stags, without ever facing prosecution. Hare coursing competitions are organised regularly, and Wildlife Rangers are happy to turn a blind eye to hares being wild-caught and annihilated by greyhounds. Ireland is now the hunting capitol of Europe – but NARA is hoping to change that. As the hunting season is about to start, learn how you can help abolish this barbaric practice by getting involved in hunt sabbing, protesting and lobbying for legislative change.

2:00pm John Carmody (Animal Rights Action Network)

Topic: Being an Effective Animal Advocate

Over the last 21 years, I have lived and learned, and done right and wrong, in my efforts to help animals. Today I realise that, in order to be steps ahead of the opposition that exploits animals, we need to be better advocates. My speech will focus on giving attendees the tricks of the trade in order to leave World Vegetarian Day being better advocates for animals, thus helping expose even more cruelty and to save even more animals lives. And, yes, one person can make that difference.

2:30pm Tatjana Višak (Philosopher at Mannheim University,Germany)

Topic: Eating animals the nice way?

This talk will be about the hot issues and pressing questions with regard to vegetarianism and veganism that are currently being explored in the field of ethics. In this field it is broadly agreed that (1) animal welfare matters morally; (2) we have (prima facie) reason to avoid animal suffering; and (3) standard practices of animal husbandry are plainly unacceptable. While this is old news and easy to grasp by anyone who takes an unbiased look at the issue, the more difficult and cutting-edge philosophical questions concern the acceptability of keeping and killing animals for food without causing them suffering. If we kept animals that had good lives, and would not exist at all if it were not for our consumption, would it then be okay to painlessly kill them and consume their products? I will explain why this question is much more difficult to answer and explore its practical relevance.

3:45pm World Vegetarian Day Panel Discussion

Topic: Killing Happy Animals


Maureen O’Sullivan

Tatjana Višak

John Carmody

Laura Broxton Ashling O’Brien (Atheist Ireland)