Thank you to those who completed our Discount Scheme Survey!

Here are the results:

(1) Did you know the VSI operates a discount scheme for its members?

Yes: 78%
No: 22%

(2) If yes, what businesses are a member of the scheme (please list up to 5)?

Answers given were: Blazing Salads, Cornucopia, Delhi O’Deli (now closed), Down to Earth, Govinda’s (Aungier St), Happy Pear, The Hopsack, Umi Falafel

(3) Are you a member of the VSI?

Yes: 44%
No: 56%

The remaining questions were for those who answered “Yes” to Question (3):

(4) How often do you use the discount scheme?

At least once a month: 63%
Never: 25%
At least once a week: 13%
At least once a year: 0%

(5) Where have you asked for a discount?

Blazing Salads, Cornucopia, Down to Earth, Govinda’s, The Hopsack

(6) Have you ever experienced a difficulty in getting a discount from a member of the scheme?

Yes: 0%
No: 100%

(7) Is there any business that you would like to be part of the scheme?

Nourish and Sova